Universal Alchemical Theory 5 / 7 : Quintessence and Transcendence (Google Translation)

This article is a political, philosophical and metaphysical essay.

This is the central axis of this series of articles devoted to Alchemy, which justifies its length and the density of its content.

Its ambition is to succeed in making the serious and open-minded reader understand the main arguments of this “Theory of Everything”.

And for the sharpest among you, I hope that you will end up sharing my opinion, namely... that it is the only theory allowing us to explain all the phenomena that we experience or to which we has always been assisting.

Then, a clarification, obvious but essential: I only offer you here my beliefs, interpretations and opinions. I could be wrong, on the whole or on any part!

However, I have the impression that at present, there must already be quite a few people who have arrived at roughly the same conclusions as me. And events seem to increasingly validate my beliefs. So I have enough confidence in what I say to take responsibility for my words. So, for the sake of reading, I will make assertions, but keep in mind that I know nothing!!!

I - Introduction:

1) The Big Secret:

I am convinced that above our official leaders (our heads of state, and all the pawns of the system, political, media, financial, etc.), there are other people more or less unknown to the general public, who are secretly pulling the tricks of the international scene for occult purposes. In my opinion, they constitute the top of the global pyramid, and are initiated into the greatest secret of Humanity.

A transcendent secret about the true nature of Life, of Reality, of the Universe, of our System, of our Consciousness... and therefore also of the absolute Intelligence which created all of this, the universal consciousness which is everywhere and in all things, the Great Architect of the Universe… God.

This secret would be known, guarded and transmitted since time immemorial, by transcended beings. Because they have Knowledge, we can describe them as superhuman: they know the Truth, where the overwhelming majority of us grope in beliefs and opinions. We base our knowledge solely on the tools of experience, thought and feeling... And as a result, we are reduced to biased interpretations and misleading memory. We think we know, but in reality we know very little.

These transcended elites would therefore be our true leaders, above money, above Power, above everyone. These are the Great Puppeteers who have been pulling the strings in the shadows since the dawn of Humanity: they guide our evolution by taking us through all the necessary stages, in order to make us what we are today.

Although they are not omnipotent, they direct, thanks to their knowledge and their powers, the whole of Humanity, like a vast opera where each individual, each category and institution, plays its own part, without being aware of this. merry-go-round. We are all more or less active and/or compromised victims of this plot, all manipulated by all kinds of strings and devices, all spectators-actors of this world play, of which only a handful of Initiates would know the script.

2) Respect for free will:

As this Great Secret is transcendent, it should not be entrusted to just anyone, and even less so to an immature Civilization. It is about not compromising our free will, because it is not simply our ability to make a choice freely (since all our actions are conditioned by who we are, what we experience, the context, the fluctuations in our state of mind…), but above all it is our freedom of spiritual evolution.

Our mind evolves through its experiences within matter. We have the freedom to act as we see fit, and the inner arbiter to judge our choices, their consequences, and adapt our thoughts and actions. This innate freedom must in no way be compromised, to allow us to experience life innocently, and discover the truth for ourselves.

Revealing the Secret of Life head-on to someone who candidly experiences it would disrupt the harmony of the universe, and could prove much more catastrophic than giving a weapon to a child.

This is why one of the objectives of our true leaders will have been to subtly reveal to us this Great Secret, by diffusing it hermetically through the eras, religions, History, arts, sciences, media, sacred architecture deployed all around the globe... and the countless esoteric symbols with which they now fill us daily.

3) Hermeticism:

Esoteric symbols have several degrees of reading, and above all a double purpose: to reveal and hide.

For "everyday people", who already have enough concerns on their minds, these symbols don't mean much... They mostly see it as elite folklore, and don't really have the time to try. to find out if it makes sense. Especially since we generally tell them that there is none.

But for those who are curious, who wonder why our elites put so much effort into transmitting all this hermetic symbolism to us, or simply for those who open their eyes to the state of the world and who seek to understand its meaning, and so coded messages... we now have all the resources to achieve this quite easily.

Esoteric symbols hide their meaning from the general public, while revealing it to those who take the time to try to decipher them. And all of this symbolism carries the most luminous message there is. This is the principle of Hermeticism: subtly transmitting the Truth to us, hiding it right before our eyes.

II - So, what about this Great Secret about Life, the Universe and the rest?

1) Reality and its purpose:

What we call “reality” would be an illusion. A kind of hologram, a program that officially began 13.8 billion years ago, but which could be much older than that, or even without beginning or end, eternally going through the same cycles.

This is what Buddhists call “Maya”, or many other cultures and civilizations call “the Cosmic Egg”.

This reality would be comparable to a “universal Turing machine”: a program which, by compiling itself, creates autonomous subdivisions of itself, all of which have the innate and unconscious goal of learning the program code. Once the code is fully understood, the subdivision can modify its environment, or even create in turn a new “universal Turing machine”, that is to say a new reality in another dimension.

The universe would therefore be in a way a divine replication factory: this illusion that we call reality is supported by a First Principle (called God or Universal Consciousness), which the progress of the simulation fragments to produce our individual consciousnesses. They therefore all come from the same Principle, which is contained in each of them.

In other words: God is in everything, and in each of us. What we experience, God experiences. He created the Universe to incarnate in matter through our bodies, without our knowledge.

Alchemy is the language of Nature, and the goal of the autonomous consciousnesses that we are is to understand the universal alchemical laws that govern us, thus finding the Philosopher's Stone, that is to say Christ, Nirvana, the Grail …The Logos…

Christ is therefore a potential in each of us. The more we evolve towards love and wisdom (knowledge of ourselves, and therefore of the universe), the more our “inner crystal” gets rid of its inclusions (our defects), until the moment when it becomes so pure that our immanent divine light is no longer filtered: Man thus becomes perfect, luminous, and reveals the Christ who sleeps within him.

2) Other comparisons with IT:

Overall, the Universe would be like Conway's "Game of Life": by following perfect and extremely precise laws, a singularity emerges and produces an asymptote (the Big Bang and its cosmic inflation). In doing so, it transmutes all the energy and matter in our physical universe, which collides, condenses, combines and becomes more complex, thus generating all possible and imaginable forms.

Locally, the universe behaves more like a “Langton ant”: sooner or later, the conditions always end up being met for any object to find a new equilibrium (represented by the ant highway). Either it evolves towards more complexity, or it is destroyed, and then fuels universal chaos.

Our universe is therefore the seat of an eternal chaos, generated by the perpetual interactions of objects with each other, and from this chaos every form of balance, complexity and possible evolution continually emerges.

The Masonic motto “Ordo ab Chao” translates this great universal law.

In other words: we are collectively immersed in a sort of “mystical video game”, where we evolve throughout our games through our avatars (reincarnations), until we manage to defeat the final Boss ( Evil, our inner faults which consume us) and to deliver the Princess (our innate divine light) which is none other than the great treasure of our spiritual quest.

3) Sciences and Alchemy:

Nowadays, there are more and more supporters of the hypothesis of a simulated reality. The mysterious perfection of the universe has always amazed those who have sought to unravel its secrets, but our modern science, however advanced it may be, seems incapable of properly studying the various para-scientific phenomena observed and experienced by countless people

And as many scientists still associate spirituality and religions with obscurantist delusions and superstitions, some use this technical formalism of “simulation theory” to try to describe things, thus taking into account the numerous observations usually eluded by the rest of the community.

Other brilliant, open-minded scientists explain to us their vision of a holographic universe, such as Nassim Haramein or Philippe Guillemant.

There is also the “Gateway Process”, an out-of-body exit method studied by the CIA itself, which entirely validates this idea of ​​a holographic universe from which our consciousnesses emerge. It seems that many people practice this technique, including American YouTuber Aaron Doughty.

The Why Files and Library of the Untold have made great videos of it, also in English.

As I explained in the third part, sciences and spiritualities are two sides of the same coin, that of our quest for wholeness through our understanding of things.

Scientists try to understand them materially, and succeed very well, but fail in particular to integrate the consequences of quantum physics into their materialist representation of the world.

Spiritual people try to understand it through their life experiences and introspections, in an inner quest, non-reproducible and therefore invalidated by science...

But in the end, if we are all spirit (therefore, spiritual beings), are we not also all scientists? We walk through life, with our education and our experiences which shape our outlook, we understand certain things, we are wrong about others, we develop hypotheses, whether we verify them or not, and this moves us forward on the path …Life is like a scientific exploration. It’s a real laboratory for our minds!

For me, even someone who understands nothing about science, practices it every day, simply by experiencing life. And even a resolutely atheist scientist evolves spiritually throughout his journey.

4) The Law of Attraction:

And this is what Alchemy teaches us: that matter does not really exist. Only consciousness exists, and everything else is only the product of the eternal recombination of the same Principle, integrated and then transcribed by our mind in such a way that it can understand the phenomenon it is experiencing.

Alchemy also tells us that our consciousness is at the heart of everything, as if the universe was centered on each of us. It literally unfolds under our feet, in such a perfect way that we don't even realize it.

When we are on the wrong track, he makes us understand it through negative experiences that reflect our errors and our faults, and when we are on the right track, he rewards us with joys, happiness and synchronicities, and pushes us in this direction by offering us other “mystical rewards.”

“Seek, and you will find. Knock, and we will open the door to you.”

But those who do not seek assure us that there is nothing to find,

and those who don't knock stay outside, in the rain, complaining about the bad weather...

Since they close themselves to the idea of ​​the Sacred, they ignore that the Law of Attraction is real. However, there is always a lesson, individual or collective, in everything we go through, and it is our thoughts, our actions, our qualities and our faults that shape our own reality. All this with the aim of understanding who we are and what we must do.

The universe conspires so that the being endowed with intelligence pierces its mysteries and evolves towards perfection.

III - The symbolic, mathematical and metaphysical common thread revealing this hypothesis:

1) The pyramid of Cheops

In my previous article, I presented to you – clumsily – a lot of information about the Cheops Pyramid. In my opinion, it is a transcendent mathematical and religious object, whose aim is precisely to dazzle us and unite people, precisely in our time.

-It encodes Pi and Phi half a dozen times, with greater than 99.95% accuracy.

-It encodes C (the speed of light) twice, with 99.998% and 99.999994% accuracy.

-It encodes the dimensions of the Earth, because its height x 43,200 = 99.6% polar radius. You will see below that the number 432 is not insignificant.

-It encodes the “Great Year”, the period of precession of the Earth (25,920 years) with its volume of 2,592,341m3.

-She encodes the number 666 in her King's Chamber: perimeter 60 cubits x height 11.1.

It is in this room that an entity is said to have dictated his “Book of the Law” to Aleister Crowley, exactly 120 years ago.

-In gematria, Cheops = 666...

-And all the other wonders of these pyramids... From their alignment with the 3 stars of Orion's belt, or the slope of Khufu, 51.51°, which reproduces the angle of Orion's cross, or the distance of 1618 feet (Phi) between the summits of Cheops and Khafre, and a number of precise correlations with other constants or references, and many other things that I do not know...

How can we still believe that these pyramids were built by the Egyptian people 4,500 years ago, with rudimentary knowledge and tools?

2) The “Masters of Money”:

In his book “Pawns on the Chessboard” published in 1955, the former commander of the Canadian Navy and then member of the intelligence services William Guy Carr, gave us a very highly conspiratorial vision of History. According to him, the “Illuminati” are behind the main world wars and geopolitical events, from the time of the French Revolution to the present day. He calls them the “Masters of Money”.

However, besides the effigy of George Washington, and other symbols and esoteric references, what do we find on the 1 dollar bill? A pyramid ! With at the center of its pyramid, the famous “All-Seeing-Eye” (the eye of Providence).

How can we still deny that the monetary system is the main tool of control and oppression of Humanity? The Masters of Money have created a monster so complex that even the so-called experts don't understand it, while being paid to make us believe the opposite.

And they drive it exactly the way they want. It is the carrot to take us where they want, and at the same time the stick to hit those who do not align with their famous “Manifest Destiny”.

A quote attributed (rightly or wrongly?) to Nathan Mayer Rothschild sums up this idea well: “Give me control over a nation's currency, and I won't have to worry about those who make its laws.” .

3) The Freemasons:

Washington DC is the capital of the United States, where the White House, the Pentagon, the Capitol, and many other American and global nerve centers are located.

It is one of the cities most loaded with esoteric symbolism: it was architected according to certain plans and precise goals, unknown to the general public. Some may remember Dan Brown, and his book “The Lost Symbol”, but for those who wish to learn more about Washington, the sacred architecture and other Masonic references located all around the globe, I recommend the documentaries by Scott Onstott: “Secrets in Plain Sight” (vols 1 and 2), the video by Randall Carlson: “Hidden Mathematics”, or even “Riddles in Stone”. Concerning the pyramids or sacred geography, I refer you in particular to the videos of Mathieu Laveau.

Now, what does the sacred architecture of Washington represent? Among other symbols, a large pyramid… The “All Seeing Eye” is occupied by the House of the Temple, which is none other than the headquarters of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, in a way the mother house of world Freemasonry .

(One could retort, and rightly so, that this pyramid drawn in Washington is not complete, because it is missing one side. I see there a desire to make this symbol less obvious to everyone, and I invite you to watch the documentaries to form your own opinion!)

We also find this Masonic representation of the eye of Horus almost everywhere, in religious buildings, monuments, official logos and even in certain films, which attests to the global influence of the lodges.

And I recall that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789) is dominated at its summit by the eye of Providence, in its magnificent luminous triangle.

How can we still turn a blind eye to the colossal influence of Freemasonry in our Society? If William Guy Carr's theory is correct, and everything is orchestrated in the shadows by the Illuminati... who would they be, if not Freemason elites?

Well, in my opinion, if the Masters of Money and the Masonic elites constantly refer to the pyramids and Egyptian deities, it is precisely to weave the common thread that allows us to understand their true plan. In reality, they perpetuate the Work of the Builders!

The Civilization that was there before us did not disappear during a cataclysm, but it left to let Humanity evolve at its own pace, placing “agents” at the top to guide it, and Monuments as a guide. metaphysical clues. These are our “Monoliths”: when we fully appreciate the scope of what they reveal to us, we evolve spiritually.

Thus, the sacred architecture deployed majestically all around the globe since the departure of the Builders, reveals to Humanity a new “Monolith”: we then understand that Freemasonry has had much more influence than we wanted. make us believe, that she has always been 10 moves ahead of us, that she has knowledge and techniques of which we have no idea, and above all, that her objective is not malicious, but on the contrary to guide our Civilization, accelerate our evolution, while paying homage to the perfection of the universe. Just like the Builders did.

4) The Bible, Mathematics and the Solar System:

    a) In the Bible, we find in particular the numbers 144,000 and 666.

Let's do a little math:

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120

120² = 14,400.

And let's look at the Platonic solids: they are regular convex polyhedra, and there are only 5 of them in our three-dimensional world. By adding the angles of their faces, for each solid, we obtain:

-Tetrahedron, 4 triangular faces = 720°

-Octahedron, 8 triangular faces = 1,440°

-Cube, 6 square faces = 2,160°

-Icosahedron, 20 triangular faces = 3,600°

-Dodecahedron, 12 pentagonal faces = 6,480°.

By adding these 5 numbers, we find 14,400. There is a stunning correlation between the first 5 numbers, and the 5 Platonic solids.

From a slightly more symbolic and metaphysical point of view, we notice that these solids are represented in another way by the number 144: when they are placed, the Tetrahedron has only one face parallel to the ground, so that the other four solids have two, one at the top and one at the bottom.

That is, 1 single face at the bottom, 4 faces at the top, 4 faces at the bottom = 144.

    b) What is even more breathtaking... is that we find numerous correlations between the Platonic solids and our Solar System!!!

Note: the accuracy of this data is around 99.9%, because we are in the realm of matter, where perfect shapes and measurements do not exist.

Let's measure the diameter of our stars:

Moon = 2,160 miles, which corresponds to the Cube,

Earth = 7,920 miles, the sum of the first 4 Platonic solids,

Sun = 864,000 miles, or 6 Octahedrons x 100…

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, or 86,400 seconds…

And the Great Year of 25,920 years is equivalent to 4 Dodecahedra, 18 Octahedrons, or even 360 x 72 years…

Another calculation reveals the harmony of the cosmos: we notice that the Tetrahedron forms the base, and that the 4 other solids are multiples of it: Octahedron = 2x, Cube = 3x, Icosahedron = 5x, Dodecahedron = 9x.

Now, when we multiply the value of these polyhedra by their multiplier coefficient, and add everything together, we find:

720 + (2x1440) + (3x2160) + (5x3600) + (9x6480) = 86,400… 1/10th of the diameter of the Sun!

Observe the famous portrait of Luca Pacioli, by Jacopo de’ Barbari: (edit : since the writing, I modified this french wikipedia page, added the alchemical informations I know, and it holds !)

The author of “The Divine Proportion” contemplates a Rhombicuboctahedron (a semi-regular Archimedean solid). Rhombicuboctahedron = 18 square faces, 8 triangular faces = 7,920°…

So, this polyhedron represents the Earth, since it measures 7,920 miles!

This portrait offers us a sublime alchemical clue!!! I had always wondered why the object was half filled with water, and suspended from a thread on a black background... You will also notice the compass and square placed on the table...

Kepler was right with his “Mysterium Cosmographicum”! The Solar System is indeed well arranged according to Platonic solids, and this reveals a divine message addressed to Man.

Earlier, I explained to you that by multiplying the height of the Cheops Pyramid by 43,200, we found the polar radius of the Earth. Now, 432,000 = the radius of the Sun!

432 Hz was formerly the frequency of La...

    c) The Number of the Beast:

432 = 144 x 3.

432 + 234 = 666

Now, 234 = 13 x 18, and it is in verse 13:18 of the book of Revelation that John tells us: “This is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. Because it’s a man’s number”

Furthermore, 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. That is one tenth of the Cube, or half of 432.

Even more intriguing:

144 / 666 = 0.216216216…

Sine 666 = Cosine 144 = -1/2 Phi. 144 is the only square in the Fibonacci sequence. The sum of the first 144 decimal places of the number Pi = 666. The sum of the numbers from 1 to 36 (i.e. 6 x 6) = 666.

The sum of the squares of the first 7 prime numbers = 666...

And we find 666 and 216 almost everywhere in our Solar System:

Earth orbital speed ≈ 66,600 mph.

Earth-Sun distance ≈ 216 x the radius of the Sun.

Earth-Moon distance ≈ 360 * 666 miles (360° of a circle; 360 - 144 = 216).

Orbital speed of the Sun ≈ 216 km/s. Diameter of the Sun (km) x 216 ≈ Speed ​​of light.

The gravitational constant G = 6.67 × 10−11 m3 kg−1 s−2 … Perhaps it evolves over time, tending towards 6.66? (ultra speculative hypothesis but while we're at it...).

And according to legend, Alchemy was transmitted to us by Thoth / Hermes Trismegistus.

Trismegistus means: “Three times great”. The 6 represents the Macrocosm, the Universe. Thus, the name of Hermes Trismegistus undoubtedly symbolizes the number 666.

    d) The universe is magical:

All of this sheds new light on JP Morgan's quote: "Millionaires don't use astrology, but billionaires do." Those who gravitate to the top of the social pyramid know well that astrology is not just a simple medieval superstition...

By darkening the line a little, we could say that atheism is for the plebs!

We have been conditioned to wear blinders, which hide from us the dazzling harmony of the Universe. Indoctrinated to the point of no longer believing in anything, in order to make us perfect little consumers who don't ask too many questions...

But we can no longer ignore the dazzling light that emerges from all this data!

It was there, hidden in front of us, all this time! And to think that we made fun of those who dared to talk about it...

As I write this, there is the April 8 eclipse in North America.

So, we were made to believe that the phenomenon of the total solar eclipse (due to a Moon 400x smaller than the Sun, and 400x closer) was just a simple coincidence, and that there was no nothing to see there other than an astronomical curiosity...

But I dare to hope that that will change!!!

Nothing seems left to chance in this incredible mystical simulation.

Opening your eyes to the sublime magic of the universe is recognizing God, and therefore, the essential and privileged place that Man occupies in his Creation!

III) Universal model inspired by Alchemy:

I won't dwell too much on the subject, because I already wrote an article about it here in June 2023, and I plan to develop all of that in the last two parts, which will be the most technical in this series.

Here are the main points, with some new “findings”, so that you can see how Alchemy perfectly describes the concept of a holographic reality.

1) Twin universes:

First, let's start from Janus, the bimetric cosmological model of Jean-Pierre Petit: our physical universe, of positive mass and energy, would be coupled to a universe of negative mass and energy (theory of twin universes, also proposed by Andrei Sakharov).

But if we start from the hypothesis that it is the positive polarization of our mass-energy which is responsible for the emergence of matter, and therefore, of space and time... we could deduce that a universe negative would have neither matter, nor space, nor time: it would be a singularity, a black hole, an eternal non-place of infinite density and energy where matter is in a state of vacuity (intangible kingdom of antimatter).

This negative twin universe corresponds to the Beyond, and since it is without space-time, and coupled to our reality, this induces the instantaneous connection between each particle, places and times of our physical universe.

This hypothesis allows us to answer many questions, such as Near Death Experiences, astral exits, premonitory dreams, chemically induced mystical journeys (Ayahuasca ritual, LSD, etc.), etc.

The instantaneous interconnection between everything also solves the mystery of quantum entanglement; and this tends to confirm Nassim Haramein's hypothesis according to which each particle contains all the information in the Universe.

We therefore evolve in a non-Euclidean space, where all the black holes lead us to the Beyond (no pun intended). It is by manipulating wormholes that Super Civilizations travel in space-time, and can therefore overcome the “Fermi Paradox”. Which supports the authenticity of the UFO phenomenon.

Other quantum mysteries find an explanation, such as the wave-particle duality: here, in our vibrational world, the particle propagates in a wave, while at the same time, it is only an intangible point of the Au -Of the.

And the collapse of the wave function (decoherence) corresponds to the moment when a negative/neutral particle (therefore, studied quantumly, in the form of probability), interacts sufficiently with our physical world to polarize positively, and “fix” itself. in the matter.

Everett's interpretation therefore seems to me to be the correct one.

Down here, we cannot know the position and speed of a quantum particle without causing it to be “fixed”. By reverse symmetry, an observer from the Beyond who would think about an epoch would obtain the position of all bodies, and by thinking about an object, its epoch would be automatically deduced.

2) Science told hermetically:

    a) Here are the 3 great Alchemical Principles: Sulfur, Mercury and Salt.

Combining the first two gives the third.

In my opinion, Sulfur corresponds to the First Principle, i.e. God / consciousness / energy. Mercury would be the antimatter, the information underlying reality, and Salt would be the stabilized matter of our universe.

Thus, our reality would be the fruit of our consciousness, which passes through fields of information and which interprets them to give us a physical and intelligible representation of things.

Sulfur positively polarizes Mercury, and creates Salt = consciousness-energy transmutes information into matter in our space-time.

    b) The 4 Elements:

Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration.” This quote made me establish a link with the 4 Elements, which would in fact be the transcription of the 3 Alchemical Principles in our physical reality:

Fire = Energy; Sulfur, consciousness… element symbolized by the Tetrahedron,

Water = Information; Mercury, positively polarized antimatter... the Icosahedron,

Earth = Vibration; the Salt, the matter of the Universe, the cosmic vibration Aum... the Cube,

Air = the electromagnetic matrix of space-time, which allows the transmission of energy and information through frequencies induced by vibration... the Octahedron.

We notice that the Cube is the only Platonic solid with square faces, and therefore right angles. Which evokes the holographic stabilization of our matter.

The Dodecahedron represents the shape of the universe and the Quintessence. Now, the Quintessence is the universal Spirit, the Ether which binds the Whole, or even the moment when the animal becomes Man, since the 5 symbolizes the Microcosm, the “Little World”, Man.

(And it is no coincidence that the Place de la Nation in Paris – which represents a pentacle, the symbol of Man – is located 3,333km from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem…).

    c) The principle of correspondence:

Finally, in Alchemy, there is another fundamental concept: “What is below is like what is above, what is above is like what is below”.

This means that our universe is fractal: it generates a repetition of the same laws and patterns, which evolve according to the scales. So, it is no coincidence that we have always compared the solar system to an atom! It is the hermetic language of nature that subtly reveals this principle to us.

And as we also see that Coulomb's law (in electrostatics) is symmetrical to the universal law of gravitation, we can legitimately hypothesize that gravity would in fact be a kind of macroscopic electromagnetism.

3) Continuing this momentum:

We have seen that 144 is the numerical symbol for the Platonic solids, which themselves represent the 4 Elements.

1+4+4 = 9, or the 9 forces of the Universe (the Egyptian Ennead).

Tetrahedron = Fire = God, universal consciousness, energy... the underlying and omnipresent vector, symbolized by its arrowhead shape, and its single face parallel to the ground. We also note the correspondence with the letter A, representing Love: the great emotional polarity which naturally aligns our consciences towards the quest for God.

If the 4 other solids each have one face up and one face down, it is perhaps to represent their “axis of connection and fractal transition”, as well as the physical polarity that they materialize in our Universe:

Cube = Earth = Matter / Quantum Vacuum.

Octahedron = Air = Electromagnetism / Gravity, or even Space / Time.

Icosahedron = Water = Information / Entropy.

We think of the memory of water, and its 3 phases (liquid, solid, gaseous state), which makes it the perfect symbol of the information and entropy of a system.

And if the dice is a cube where the opposite and complementary faces form the number 7 (1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4), this perfectly represents the duality of matter/antimatter: the face that we observe in reality versus the hidden and complementary information of its opposite side.

The 7 represents totality, wisdom, the union of matter and spirit, transcendence...

4) The theory of forms:

Plato therefore had an alchemical vision of the universe: according to him, what is real is the purely abstract or conceptual world, reachable only by the intellect, and therefore by the spirit. In contrast, the here below that we perceive with our sensory organs is only a physical modeling of archetypes from the Beyond.

In other words: only consciousness exists, and it creates the forms that it experiences sensorially.

The allegory of the cave is a masterful anagogy of reality.

V - From the Fall to the Apocalypse:

Our direct ancestor lived in Paradise, that is to say the Here & Now, the Present, Unity with God. He was almost as intelligent as us, and therefore had a strong ego.

The ego is self-awareness, the psychic synthesis of our experience through matter.

1) The Fall:

There came a moment when his curiosity (represented by the serpent Nahash) pushed him to disobey the Father (I will return to the meaning of this disobedience later), and to eat the Apple, symbol of the Quintessence (thanks to the star at 5 branches that it reveals when cut transversely). It is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: it is the most precious tool of our free will, because it is precisely the inner will which allows us to judge our thoughts, our actions and their consequences, and thus, to adapt, that is to say, to evolve spiritually.

This Apple of Quintessence therefore corresponds to the moment when the animal's ego begins to inflate, which triggers the illusion of separation from the Whole. Man falls from Paradise, he enters duality. He becomes fully aware of himself, and covers himself with shame. The acquisition of free will naturally causes one to enter into sin.

This loss of connection with the Sacred causes an unquenchable hunger deep within our Being. Since we feel separated from the source, without even being able to put our finger on this sensation, we always fear missing: this is the origin of all our faults, and the countless tragedies that result from them.

2) Life lessons:

From the Fall onwards, we were "educated" by going through different eras, with crucial lessons: after having had great religious periods, where we were able to see that religion often rhymed with bloodshed, and that those who preached were not always shepherds... we entered the Enlightenment, thanks in particular to modern science (besides, let's not forget that Isaac Newton was an alchemist!).

We were then indoctrinated towards atheism, to fully immerse ourselves in individualism and materialism, and ultimately see the terrifying abyss towards which these dogmas precipitate us.

Since the advent of the Internet, combined with the attacks of September 11, 2001, Humanity has entered a new phase, where it "touches the screen": while the political-media system plunges into idiocracy and caricature , some sink into “egotic inflation” (starification, superficiality, identity victimization, etc.), and others open their eyes to the theatrical nature of this System and reality. In just 2 decades, people's trust in their leaders must have gone from 90% to not even 30% today.

3) The Me/System correspondence:

Our System has always reflected our own inner conflicts. Babylon, Rome, or even this kind of filth that we call Modern Society and which has been tormenting us for some time... it's always the same thing.

The System acts as a magnifying mirror of our many individual and collective faults, which are the corpses of our battles in duality.

Whatever the nature of the political or religious regime that dominates our society, we will always suffer the same punishments, because the root of evil is found in our collective mind.

And of course, the role of our true leaders is to amplify the reflection of our inner flaws, rushing us towards their totally hellish New World Order.

4) An electric shock to shake us out of lethargy:

They have even orchestrated an unprecedented global conspiracy, the real aim of which is to wake us up: the events of the last four years have pushed hundreds of millions of people to open their eyes to this pandemic manufactured in vivo, and to the macabre role what the media and science played in this terrible scam.

It must be said that our executioners did not take it lightly, judging by the lies, manipulations, and horrors committed on the people, and which constitute a crime against Humanity.

They even warned us a year in advance of what they were going to do to us... This is their modus operandi, so that we can deduce, in retrospect, that they are the architects of all these tragedies. (edit : I wrote a paper on this blog about it lately : "comprendre le complot du Covid en 7 points").

The big red pills have not yet fallen, and the global scandal has still not broken, but the day will come when we will be forced to face the facts: we will then have to face our responsibilities, join forces, and take control of operations.

Because if the elites themselves rush us towards ruin, while they are supposed to guide us, who other than ourselves could save us?

5) The bearer of light:

And this is also why they pretend to worship Lucifer: it is not an entity that really exists (since there is only God), but simply the personification of Good generated by Evil.

This is a key metaphysical principle: Evil, that is to say, everything that we judge as negative, painful, unjust, has only one use: to reveal to us the path to Good, to happiness, to Love and Justice. And the more we suffer while navigating the darkness, the more it urges us to return to the Light. These days, we have experienced so much Evil that we have a magnificent map of Good and the paths we must follow.

Good is the sacred child of Evil, engendered by Redemption.

Thus, according to my vision of the world, when our elites publicly worship Satan or Lucifer, it is above all a posture to force our collective awakening, but it is also, ultimately, the adoration of God, by wanting to accelerate the realization of his plan.

Ordo ab Chao: from the chaos we are going through, a new balance will eventually emerge, that is to say our evolution. As much for the individual as for Civilization.

6) From darkness to light:

Ordo ab Chao finds a particular correspondence with another great alchemical motto: V.I.T.R.I.O.L., Latin acronym meaning: “Visit the interior of the earth, and by rectifying, you will find the hidden stone”. We go through the darkness that causes all our suffering. Which pushes us to adapt, to try to find inner calm. The more we experience life by applying its teachings, the closer we get to the Philosopher's Stone.

a) Individually, it is an incentive for introspection and positive action sparked by our inner discoveries: realizing our dreams, helping people, realizing ourselves, and transmitting to others all the love we have. received, or which we lacked…

Follow the Way of Jesus, the Path of Buddha, follow the Prophets who heal our hearts and enlighten our souls, or simply trace our own path, soaking up the wisdom of all those who guide us towards love and wholeness ...

b) Collectively, we are going through the pre-apocalyptic darkness that is forcing us to wake up. We are 8 billion human beings, each experiencing our share of tragedies, and opening our eyes to the horrors of this world.

Since we are connected to each other thanks to technology, all it takes is a spark for this awareness to light up the globe...

In one fell swoop, we can stop falling like flies into the many traps of our elites. We can unite, to create our own System together: a true global democracy where all people would be sovereign, all fraternal nations, religions in peace, science and spirituality hand in hand... Humanity no longer forming as a diverse and close-knit community, where everyone flourishes in love, wisdom and fullness.

We have more than enough experience, knowledge, technological tools and common will to shape a true Utopia in a very short time.

Conclusions: Let's be ready!!!

2024 is a tetrahedral and dodecahedral year: the next in 2995. It is also the year of the conjunction of cicadas XIII and XIX, which happens every 221 years.

The 4th Baron Rothschild died in February, aged 88. The Devil's Comet, which has a period of 72 years, is flying overhead. And in a few months, Paris will host the 33rd Olympic Games... which really doesn't look like any other.

With so much symbolic weight, we can imagine that 2024 will be an unforgettable year!!!

So it seems that the Apocalypse is upon us... I don't expect anything cataclysmic, but rather Revelations which will reveal the globalized deception, and put an end to this terrible system. The end of a world, for the beginning of a new era.

The New World Order is inevitable: so, will we let our elites lock us into their terrible dystopia, or will we manage to overcome our hatreds and our superficial divisions, to create our Utopia together?

On this question, my opinion is fixed: our emancipation seems inevitable and imminent. Remember: in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, it is by surpassing Jupiter that the hero achieves transcendence…

And Jupiter is precisely the nickname of a sinister representative of the House of Rothschild against whom we will have to join forces to overcome him.

Moreover, France is far from being the only country in the grip of a diabolical power...

But it is very reassuring to say that in fact, all our real elites expect from us is that we become responsible and take the reins.

Creation and the Alchemical Opera in which we evolve seem so perfectly designed to me, that I am certain that Humanity will find its Philosopher's Stone. Because after the Apocalypse, the new Golden Age will come! Everything is written and planned from the beginning.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 51, to the question of his disciples "On what day will the rest of the dead take place, and on what day will the new world come?" », Jesus answered them: “What you expected has happened, but you do not know it”.

So, let's keep a cool head, cultivate faith, follow the path to our realization, and as Gandhi prescribed to us, let's all become the change we want to see in this world!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

(I apologize to the readers of this series because it took me 9 months to find the courage to write the rest… Although I may have understood certain intellectually pointed things, I am no less bogged down in duality like everyone else This time is very difficult to bear, and we all go through the same alchemical process throughout our lives... The transmutation of our lead into Gold...

Intellectualizing and understanding is good, but wisdom requires us to take control of our being. And on this, I still have great progress to make!

So, I will do my best, but I don't know how long it will take me to write the last two parts of this alchemical adventure).

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